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HCNP-CUSN HCNP-Storage(V3.0)-CUSN–Constructing Unified Storage Network

Продолжительность: 40 ч    

Описание курса

ВНИМАНИЕ! Курс читается на русском языке. Учебные материалы курса - на английском языке.

Duration - 5 working days

Target Audience:

* Enterprise ICT technology management personal and IT technology personal
* Those who hope to systemically learn and master storage technology and application, build information storage and data protection solution ability Maintainers Managers
* Planners and Designers


• Know server basal knowledge and application
• Know SAN, NAS, DR concept and technology
• Understand storage system basal operation and technology


On completion of this program, the participants will be able to:

• Master unified storage structure, component
• Know storage data process and communication protocol, principle and application
• Know storage system advanced technology and application
• Know connection and application between storage and mainstream OS platforms
• Master storage system fault diagnosis and disposal method
• Understand storage performance factor and optimization
• Master storage system and network (SAN) common technology and application; master information storage system and SAN storage solution plan, deployment, management and maintenance ability

Программа курса

• Module 1- OceanStor Introduction
 ICT Infrastructures and components.
 SAN and NAS topology.
 FC SAN: protocol and networking.
 IP SAN: protocol and networking.
 NAS: concepts and protocols.
 RAID technology including RAID 2.0+.
• Module 2- Storage Hardware
 2U, 3U and 6U controller models.
 2U and 4U disk enclosures.
 4U High Density disk enclosure.
 I/O Modules.
 BBU and Coffer disk.
 Cables.
 Installation requirements (weight, power consumption).
 Rack mounting kits.
• Module 3-OceanStor Software
 Hypersnap (for Block).
 Hyperclone.
 HyperCopy/LUNCopy.
 HyperReplication.
 HyperMirror.
 SmartPartition.
 SmartMigration.
 SmartQos.
 SmartVirtualization.
 SmartErase.
 SmartCache.
 SmartDedupe / SmartCompression.
 3DC.
 File System Snapshot.
 File System WORM.
 SmartQuota.
• Module 4- OceanStor Planning and Design
 Make an inventory of the current situation.
 Calculate requirements for capacity and performance based on current situation and future growth.
 Determine the need for virtualization.
 Determine the Backup Strategy.
 Determine the Disaster Recovery Strategy. Module 5- Unified Storage Best Practices and Integrations
 Basic rules for OceanStor design
 Integration options exist
• Module 5- OceanStor Best Practice
 Best Practices for Disk Domains.
 Best Practices for Storage Pools.
 Best Practices for Storage Tiering.
 Best Practices for LUNs.
 Best Practices for Snapshots.
 Maximum and minimum numbers.
 Integrations with SQL, Oracle, Exchange and Vmware.
• Module 6- OceanStor System Management
 Definition.
 Daily and weekly monitoring tasks.
 DeviceManager.
 OS Toolkit.
 CloudServices.
 LED Status Indicators.
• Module 7- OceanStor Maintenance
 Safety preparations.
 Hardware maintenance.
 Power on/power off procedures.

Training Methods
3 days Lecture, 2 days Hands-on exercise